Upside-down thinking and sales.

There is a time under the sun for everything and this is the time for me to create a blog on a regular basis. For years I had an e-newsletter that I sent out every month but then I began to travel extensively and the process was not as smooth and regular. I still travel but with the technology available, I can blog, tweet, and email on the go. By nature, I am an UpSide-Down thinker which is why the blog will have an UpSide-Down perspective, as often as not. Some might describe this as having a contrarian approach but not so; being a contrarian can come from oppositional defiance whereas UpSide-Down thinking comes from looking at things from a different perspective than the norm. For instance, we are told that we should practice positive thinking and of course we should…as a general rule. But if we do not have our critical thinking skills intact, our decision making skills are compromised. After all, what is wrong about being able to observe someone or an organization’s beliefs, statements, and thinking with the agenda to be neutral and not download them, as it were, into your belief system until you have truly vetted them yourself? Just saying…
My best selling sales books is called Say NO to Me! The True Power of UpSide-Down Selling and yes, in it I advocate that salespeople employ the process and benefits of encouraging prospects and clients to say no to them. When they do, it is no surprise that they empower others to feel receptive to them.
The salespeople who achieve breakout success, those who are consistently over 100% of their target, are Big Game Hunters and Closers…they sell more no matter what the market conditions!  It is such a satisfying feeling to work with a team for just a few months and have the majority of them migrate to the upper echelon of the sales performance pyramid. They are happier and richer and I have another satisfied client.

I look forward to connecting with you and hope that if you find value in this, and the coming blogs, that you will forward it to your friends. True to my UpSide-Down nature, I would appreciate it if you want to critique the contact that you would also let me know; I promise that the only response you will receive back is a heartfelt ‘thank you!”  Until next time…

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