15 Habits of Top Level Salespeople.

Top salespeople are accomplished. These salespeople appear to glide through life, with business coming to them. Standing in their own circle of power, they are most comfortable with others who also have an aura of power. They are masters at showing up bigger than they feel, because they know they must constantly rise to new challenges they are mentally alert, emotionally fit, and they are committed to being lifelong learners. They are always aware of the fact that they don’t have all the answers. They are also a pleasure to have in a training session because their EGO, which can be an acronym for Edging Goodness Out, doesn’t prevent them from being open to diverse ideas. They interact freely with the group and have a general interest in others’ learning, as well as their own, focus is everything, and success is the only option open to them. They have a concrete, sequential understanding of their success, they have a system for management and the following are fifteen habits of Top Level Salespeople.

1. Know that Relationship Selling is ineffectual without special attention to the task.

2. Creates a strong solution for the needs of clients to gain insider status with each client. Salespeople at this level see themselves as consultants who know how to combine the needs of the client with their hunger to succeed.

3. Are able to perform highly sophisticated assessments (e.g., internal communication audits, focus groups) thus providing solutions for an entire company instead of just one department.

4. Have well-developed skill levels and experience, and can leverage that to participate in strategic planning with key customers.

5. Are vigilant to ensure the client’s needs are being met, including attention to detail and minor changes.

6. Recognize the needs of clients and understands that he or she must qualify to provide services or products to any given company. The importance of this is not lost on the salesperson that has gained long-term contracts from the same clients year after year, and will re-qualify for current and upcoming opportunities.

7. Ask the client what they want and need, knowing there is no relationship if it is not reciprocal. Top salespeople are adept at asking to be the customer’s supplier of choice. By the same token, they will ask the client what is expected of the service or product.

8. Know that database management is not the same as nurturing client relationships. Knows clients cannot be managed; they can be nurtured by design, not by default.

9. Know what to do when winning and what to do when losing.

10. Sustains long-term processes for developing and maintaining win-win negotiations.

11. Establishes pre-contracting, where they ask the client for a series of incremental commitments leading to the final contract.

12. Looks for opportunities and new clients, which contributes to the success of the sales team and the bottom line for the company.

13. Pre-qualifies and re-qualifies to avoid unrealistic expectations of people and/or outcomes.

14. Creates a priority list within the client base, and lets lower priorities go to junior salespeople without feeling guilty.

15. Taps into the good graces of others for referrals to more A-list clients.

Top level salespeople know the cost of achieving this level of success, and are willing to pay the price. They are vigilant in acquiring new skills and wisdom. Knowing that new skills can come from unexpected sources, they are neither arrogant nor closed-minded. You will never hear them say with disdain, “I already know that”. Few people realize that our weaknesses are also a source of potential strength and success. These salespeople monitor their own progress and make changes as needed. They can teach what they know with logic and reason, and so have leveraging power. They can hire an assistant and double or even quadruple their success. They are vigilant about knowing their fears and weaknesses because they have learned a very important secret: unlimited potential arises from recognizing a weakness and transforming it into a strength. When a weakness is identified and a plan of action is consistently implemented, a new strength emerges. Top salespeople are familiar with this process. They know that anything worth having is going to cause a certain amount of pain. To think otherwise is to have a naive personality, rife with magical thinking.

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