7 Steps to be Stress Free in Sales and Customer Service.

    Customers have five requirements when they shop at our place of business and there are too many other competitors who are doing a good job not to fulfill these requirements. These fateful five are: great quality, varied selection, excellent service, a good price and an awesome experience. They want it all and the process of providing it all and creating Loyality Moments can be very stressful. The following are some ideas for decreasing or dealing with stress, developing great relationships with peers and clients, and for ensuring you have a great chance at the next promotion.

6. Detach In the Moment: When customers are nasty (as probably about only 5% are) mentally create a shield around yourself. Many social scientists believe we psychologically have a shield that extends out from us by about 18 inches; that this is considered our “personal social space”. Notice that most people, even friends, stop their approach at about this range. So mentally visualize a barrier at this distance where a customer’s negativity does not infringe on your personal space. You will still be able to provide good customer service.

3. Be on time: Actually one boss used to tell me to have the attitude that “on time is five minutes too late.” These five minutes will give you a chance to become climatized to your new surroundings; give your senses a chance to adjust and mentally strengthen yourself for the shift before you.

4. Become the “boss of yourself”: Lead and inspire you. Don’t wait for your boss to make you feel good about a job well done. Deliberately look for a “higher story” to tell yourself during each break about the hours before you worked the break. Be determined to learn one lesson a day.

5. Practice the power of leverage: Successful people learn early the “power of leverage.” Leverage is taking the experience of one situation, whether it is positive or negative, using that lesson in other situations to be smarter, better, more effective. So when something “bad” occurs find a higher story for the event. One lesson might be to learn how not to behave, react, perform, etc. If you deliberate long enough you will find some benefit or at least some humour in the situation and put that to use so as to take care of yourself while taking care of others.

6. Learn from Others: Only the arrogant are closed to the experience and ideas of others, as if learning from someone else will make them appear smaller. The opposite is true – bring an open mind to learning from others’ failures and successes. This will help pave the way for getting whatever you want in life. Ben Franklin, one of the world’s most prolific inventors and philosophers was fond of saying, “The wise learn from their own experiences but the truly intelligent will learn from someone else’s!”

7. Value Feedback: There are times in everyone’s life when the feedback we get is so “off the wall” and one would meet with certain disaster if followed. Nevertheless it is vital to consider the feedback, and then dismiss it if there is not a fit – yet. The process of being open will bring you both good advice and bad advice and as well you learn that good useful feedback isn’t always just what you want to hear. Those who are humble are teachable; those who are arrogant are unteachable. The pity is that arrogant people often confuse this state with being confident when nothing could be farther from the truth!

Dealing with others, whether they are our supervisors, peers or customers can place us in discomfort and challenging situations. How we deal with this will improve not just our mental health but our physical health as well. The total amount of stress felt depends on our perception to the situation we’re facing. Being able to step back, create a personal shield and reframe your negative perception with a “higher story” of the event will promote happier days at work. The results will show. It’s your life! Do what you can when you can to take care of yourself by taking care of others!

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