12 ways we sabotage our sale.

The biggest objections salespeople will ever have to overcome are within themselves and their attitudes. Unless these internal objections are mastered, they will be their own worst competitor.

  1. Faulty Assumptions – Every success or failure is based on our assumptions. If our assumptions are positive, our actions will be positive, thereby making the results positive.

  1. Unrealistic Expectations of Others – Are you expecting your internal contact and influencer to carry your message to the decision-maker as well as you?

  1. Poor Appearance – A shine on your shoes is a smile on your feet. Looking disheveled will not create trust. It is possible to change a negative first opinion, but why go through the effort?

  1. Language – Imagine how disgruntled clients would feel if after they expressed a concern the sales rep said, “No, you just don’t understand.” Instead, the sales rep could have said, “Perhaps I am not being very clear.”

  1. Body Language – It’s not just the words we say, or how we say them, our body language also makes a difference. A general rule of thumb is that arms folded over the chest area connote closed body language – nothing in and nothing out. If you’re in favor of copying clients’ body language, with this one do so in a loose manner with arms crossed at lap area versus chest area.

  1. Severe Shyness – Shy people tend to be self-conscious, worrying about the impression they are making. For these people it is empowering to stop worrying about them and focus on the customers by asking questions. I know this is easier said than done, but asking questions is the answer to shyness. It makes you seem interesting, caring, and outgoing. This coping skill will become a natural part of you if practiced daily – and think of the success it will attract.

  1. Lack of Enthusiasm – People don’t fail because of what they don’t know. They fail because they’re not enthusiastic about what they do know.

  1. Hanging On To A Dead Prospect – let them go to the competition.

  1. Talking and Telling Too Much – The 80/20 rule rules. Your customer talks 80% of the time and you talk 20% of the time. Speak only when you ask questions or comment on what the client just said.

  1. Criticizing the Competition – If you mention a competitor by name, then you are advertising for them. If you try to look big by making others look small, you will lose. Your mother said it best: “If you have nothing good to say, then don’t say anything at all.”

  1. Unable to Manage the Sales Call Process – Pushing the client to get an answer, any answer, rather than understand the client’s due diligence process. I have seen sales reps push with a hard close and been happier with a no, rather than proceed ahead slowly and live with not knowing.

  1. Afraid to ask for the order. So many salespeople are intent on building the relationship and being sensitive to the customer’s needs that they forgot to ask for the order. Ask early and ask often – in between, you can nurture the relationship.

Any successful business conducts an inventory to decide which items are valuable and which must go. Salespeople also need to perform their own version of an internal audit and uncover personal obstacles between them and success. If not now, when?

 *Alice Wheaton is an author, consultant, and professional speaker. She works with organizations to help them strengthen their top line by creating new opportunities and closing more sales. For more information on Alice’s products and services, visit www.alicewheraton.com*

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