Six D’s of Sales Success

The Six D’s of Success

Those who produce what they want in their life want what they want with desperation; they feel this need to their core. They also have the ability to detach in a way that allows them to remain focused regardless of the outcome.

When successful salespeople fail to have a profitable month, they are quick to perform a self-assessment. They run through an inventory of personal skills and attitudes to see if they lack any of the Six D’s of Success—The Motivational Factor:

1. Detachment: Pursue your dreams with all your heart, but be prepared to detach from the inevitable setbacks.

2.Discipline: Do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do, not because it’s easy or fun.

3. Desperation: Desperation is the unstoppable combination of fear and motivation. Desperation can make one truly willing to do whatever is necessary.

4. Direction: Study others and learn from everyone. At the very least, you will learn how not to do something.

5. Desire: Accept that you are a work in progress, and have an honest craving to know, be, and achieve more.

6. Determination: Determination is an unwavering focus on your vision. Understand that you have the right to achieve your dreams. If something has never been done, it simply means you are the one to do it now.

Motivation is Highly Personal

Your motivation is highly unique and personal: no one but you can motivate you…it must come from within. The most you can expect from others is to gain inspiration and direction. When you interpret these truths in terms of your own personality, you can increase your desire, determination, desperation, discipline, and detachment so that you can achieve more.

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