Five Ways to Build Customer Loyalty After the Sale

Salespeople cannot meet past clients face-to-face as often as they would like, for the purpose of fostering and maintaining business relationships. Great salespeople are strategic enough to see to it that even if they are absent for weeks, or even months, at a time – their presence is well felt.

To do this, the strategic salesperson will use the personal client contact that they do have to gather all types of personal, professional, and ‘other’ information. By other, I mean coming to understand and know their clients’ attitudes, values, and beliefs. The information is then deliberately “stockpiled” and the salesperson acts on it from time to time. Using these steps below provides opportunities for further contact, and builds client loyalty, and goodwill.

  1. Show an Attitude of Gratitude – The first way to show gratitude is simply to send a letter saying so! Whenever I get a thank you letter, note, or email, I feel a warm fuzzy feeling. What a pleasant response to have your clients “anchor” to you.
  2. Send a Gift – Up the ante and send a “Thank You” note PLUS a gift. A gift doesn’t have to be expensive – just thoughtful. A copied article or a magazine will do. This way, you not only express gratitude with your words you support it with action.
  3. Do not waste your clients time – Push too hard or don’t push at all – a client recently told me that most salespeople fall into one or the other of these categories. And the category she dislikes the most is the latter – where she has a soft salesperson who doesn’t ask for the order. The client must then do the work of asking the sales rep to supply the product or service. This not only creates apprehension about the salesperson’s ability to perform other aspects of the job, but if you beat around the bush and don’t get around to closing you are probably wasting your clients time.
  4. Loyalty Moments – These are the spontaneous occasions in the moment when you stop what you are doing and look a customer in the eye and say, “Good idea. I never saw it that way” or “I’d like to take a moment to let you know I appreciate your trust in me.”
  5. Give Them Leads – As you go through your day, there might be an opportunity to notice how one client could use another client’s product or service.

You have probably heard, “A client won’t care how much you know until they know how much you care!” By using these five steps your clients will be clear on how you care about them, which is invaluable in maintaining a business relationship to drive future sales.


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